A key aspect of NORRAG’s work is to provide a platform for education stakeholders, particularly those from the global South and East, to give voice to their expertise and experience. NORRAG therefore invites its Members and relevant parties to contribute on its blog platform, by highlighting recent work or initiatives, or to discuss relevant issues relating to NORRAG’s main thematic areas. Views expressed on the NORRAG blog are those of the contributors. They do not necessarily represent the views of NORRAG as an organisation or the wider NORRAG membership. NORRAG welcomes responses from education stakeholders with diverse views either through the comments section or through a post of their own.

NORRAG’s blog is articulated around three main categories – NORRAG Blog Series, NORRAG Highlights and NORRAG Debates.

The current NORRAG Blog Series are:

NORRAG Debates aims to foster dialogue between all stakeholders around specific topics. Debate streams are introduced by a short introductory post and contributors are then invited to respond to identified questions or topics relevant to the stream. The current debate streams are:

NORRAG Highlights aims to provide updates on current trends and events in the global education community. Its purpose is to showcase the work of NORRAG Members and other stakeholders and to highlight emerging issues and research.

Our target audience is broad, composed of development actors, academics, students and interested visitors to our web site.

What do we look for in a blog post?

Topical and relevant

The NORRAG blog seeks to be topical and reactive to current events. Blog posts which react to or discuss major trends and key events of relevance to the education community are encouraged. New and innovative perspectives, when well presented, are preferred to redundancy and long lasting positions.

Focused, substantiated, and concise

Ideally, blog posts should be focused and concise rather than generic and extensive. NORRAG believes in productive debate with well substantiated and articulated positions–particularly when strongly opposing others’ views–and favors evidence-based reasoning over unsubstantiated rhetoric, positive or negative. Note that big, general ideas are much more difficult to convincingly convey within the format of a blog post and in most cases would be better suited to a contribution to other NORRAG publications.

Diversity of perspectives and audiences

The NORRAG blog seeks to represent the diversity of voices and views about the range of education issues that are of relevance to its Members. Blog posts are meant to be read by the diversity of members who form NORRAG – a network of policy-makers, engaged citizens, academics, staff from international organizations and parents and students. Writing for all, jargon free and in conversational language is essential, as is ensuring your post is relevant for a diverse audience. Posts that address niche or specific topics are great, but should try to connect the specificity to broader debates and themes. Authors are encouraged to close with a question or position from which to generate further discussion from the NORRAG Community.

Tone: personal and respectful

Personal voice is encouraged — it’s always a pleasure to read when the writing conveys one’s style and feelings while still remaining respectful and substantiated.  NORRAG is a network of people and advocates for the diversity and plurality of interests and activities, each of which is important on its own. While active debate is encouraged, please ensure that posts respect this diversity of opinion and perspective.

NORRAG retains the right to decline to post content on its blog platform if it is considered defamatory, offensive, promotional, or lacking in rigor and substantiation. This is intended to act as a reference to ensure content distributed through the network remains on topic and inoffensive to all members. Please feel free to contact the editing team if you have questions or concerns about blog content and submission processes, at

Please note that all submissions are reviewed and will be subject to further editing. Submission of a post does not guarantee it will be published. We encourage NORRAG Blog contributors to register to be a NORRAG Member. If you are not currently registered, please click here to register.

Guidelines for submission:

  • Text should range from 500-1400 words and be submitted in any prefered language. If in another language than English, a short abstract in English is requested and the blog post will be published with an English translation.
  • Text should be in Times New Roman font 12 and formatted as single spaced and aligned to the left.
  • Documents can be submitted in .doc, .docx or .odt format.
  • Please mention in which category you would like your blog to be published (Highlights or Debates). If related to a specific NORRAG Debates stream, please mention this as well.
  • Texts should be jargon-free, with limited footnotes; however, links to further reading or references are welcome. Should they wish, authors can save pages on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to ensure permanence of links.
  • Please include at the end of your post one to two sentences about yourself and your preferred contact email. This should include any personal or professional connection you have to the subject of the post.
  • Please suggest an image (clearly indicating the copyright holder) and supply it in .jpg format. The preferred format is landscape 1112 x 350-600 pixels. If no (suitable) image is supplied, the blog editor will identify an image.
  • Please also submit suggestions for up to five tags from the list of tags available on the NORRAG Blog.
  • Please submit all materials (text, picture etc.) to with the subject line “Blog Submission”. Our Blog Editor will then get back to you concerning the next steps.
  • For guidelines and best practices when writing Blog posts, please check our regularly updated page which offers valuable advice.
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