How we Work

From strategic activities to stakeholder outcomes

Working at the interstices of knowledge, policy and practice NORRAG co-produces, mobilises and disseminates quality research and evidence on education and development in order to help reduce uncertainty for policy makers, planners, practitioners and researchers. Surfacing and amplifying under-represented expertise, particularly from the South, helps to generate relevant and contextualised global, regional and national public goods and policy debate. Recognising that evidence use is essentially a relational process underpins our facilitation of policy dialogue in Geneva and worldwide. Building capacity to collect, interpret and use data and evidence helps to improve educational planning, policymaking and practice.

Together these ways of working activate positive feedback loops that enable a more favourable environment for evidence-informed policy, planning and practice for equitable, quality education. NORRAG’s distinctive approach to advancing equitable, quality, accessible lifelong education enables our stakeholders to:

KNOW what robust evidence exists
AMPLIFY knowledge that is context-relevant
ACCESS under-represented knowledge relevant to their work
ACT work with context-relevant knowledge and expertise to formulate priorities and solutions

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