NORRAG Blog Series: Digitalisation of Education

By Anna Numa Hopkins

The blog series highlights perspectives surfaced in NORRAG’s new report, Policy Insights: The digitalisation of education, and brings those perspectives into dialogue with others working in education policy, planning, practice and research. The series shares under-represented and innovative ideas on the role and futures of digital technologies in education.

Call for contributions

NORRAG welcomes blog contributions from education practitioners, decision makers, policy makers and researcher-practitioners about digitalisation, focused on issues of quality, equity and social justice in education. In particular, we welcome contributions from experts whose perspectives may be under-represented international education policy discussions, including from the global South. We ask that contributions respond to a theme or chapter in the publication Policy Insights: The digitalisation of education. Find out more about what we look for in a blog post here.

To contribute to the series, please contact Anna Numa Hopkins at

The Digitalisation of Education blog series is curated by Anna Numa Hopkins (Policy Engagement Lead at NORRAG) and edited by Maren Elfert (Blog Editor at NORRAG).

Find below the most recent posts in the Digitalisation of Education Blog Series

Post-EdTech Futures

Ben Williamson
28 Sep 2022
Educational technologies are often presumed to be central to the future of education. In this blog post, part of our series on the digitalisation of...
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