NORRAG Blog Series: Financing Education

by Maren Elfert, NORRAG Blog Editor.

In light of stalling progress towards SDG4 and constrained budgets for education, the financing of education requires urgent attention. NORRAG is seeking to contribute to the debate by launching a new blog series on “Financing Education”. We welcome blogposts relating to government financing of education; international frameworks on financing for development; challenges and gaps in the financing of education; ideas and strategies to mobilise resources for education; improving data and efficiency of educational spending; innovative financing for education; and trends in and critical perspectives on international aid. For more information about the financing of education, please see the United Nations Transforming Education Summit’s Thematic Action Track 5 discussion paper and the Call to Action on Educational Investment.

The series will be launched by a mini-series, composed of three blogposts written by Jean-Marc Bernard on “Rethinking international aid”. The mini-series highlights disconnections and sometimes contradictions between development processes and aid processes, advocates for a mindset shift, and explores how such a shift would require radical changes within international aid.

Find below the most recent posts in the Financing Education series.  

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