NORRAG Blog Series: Early Childhood Education

Since the inclusion of “quality early childhood development, care and pre-primary education” in target 4.2. of the Sustainable Development Goals, research and debates about early childhood education have increased. NORRAG invites empirical and conceptual blogposts on early childhood education, contributing to a range of topics such as policy, financing and modes of provision of early childhood education, as well as issues related to curricula, language and quality, and teacher training.

Call for contributions

NORRAG welcomes contributions from a wide range of experts, including those from education policy, practice and research. In particular, we welcome contributions from experts from the Global South whose perspectives may be underrepresented. Contributions may respond to to one of our Thematic Priorities and share:

  • Learning and insights from research, innovations and projects developed and implemented by Southern experts and tackling issues in the South.
  • Insights and research about global knowledge inequities, in and across education research, policy and/or practice.
  • Learning from efforts to strengthen knowledge equity, and amplify and promote expertise from and on the Global South.
  • Learning from efforts to support and strengthen the use of Southern research and expertise in education policy and practice.

To contribute to the series, please contact NORRAG at

Find below the most recent posts in the Early Childhood Education Blog Series

[Part 2] The Preschool Entitlement, a Locally Adaptable Policy Instrument to Expand and Improve Preschool Education, by Jan van Ravens and Luis Crouch – Preschool education for all: how governments, communities, families and stakeholders can jointly make it happen

Jan van Revens & Louis Crouch
13 Apr 2023
This is the second blog in a mini-series on “The Preschool Entitlement”, a locally adaptable policy instrument to expand and improve preschool education. The mini-series comprises...
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