NORRAG Book Series on International Education and Development

The NORRAG Series on International Education and Development reflects the mission of the global Network for International Policies and Cooperation in Education and Training (NORRAG) to produce, disseminate and broker critical knowledge on topical issues that emerge in education and development. Through its programs, knowledge production and dissemination, NORRAG contributes to enhancing the conditions for participatory, informed and evidence-based policy decisions that improve equity and quality of education. This series aims to act as a knowledge broker at the interface between research, analysis, policy and practice within the comparative, development and international education community. Views expressed in the NORRAG Series are those of the contributors. They do not necessarily represent the views of NORRAG as an organisation or the wider NORRAG membership.

Book #01

The State, Business and Education: Public–Private Partnerships Revisited

October 2018





Book #02

Philanthropy in Education: Diverse Perspectives and Global Trends

November 2019




Book #03

Realizing the Abidjan Principles on the Right to Education:
Human Rights, Public Education, and the Role of Private Actors in Education

May 2021




Book #04

Systems Approaches in International Education and Development: An Approach to Unlock Learning for All?

January 2023




Book #05

Achieving Equitable Education: Missing Education Data and the SDG 4 Data Regime

January 2024



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