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24 Jan 2024
12:00 - 14:00 CET

Missing Data and Inequities Summit

Wednesday 14 February 2024

12:00 to 14:00 CET 


Missing Data and Inequities Summit

This summit will discuss key themes arising from the fifth book in the NORRAG Series on International Education and Development: Achieving Equitable Education: Missing Education Data and the SDG 4 Data Regime published by Edward Elgar Publishing. Achieving Equitable Education argues that critical gaps in education data are hampering the achievement of one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: “inclusive and equitable quality education…for all”. This book critically explores education data gaps across regions, themes and levels of education, highlighting key relationships and disconnects between national, regional and global data needs and uses of data under the SDG4 data regime.

The summit will include presentations by the editors and authors, reflections by Dr. Pali Lehohla, the former Chair of the United Nations Statistics Commission, two panel discussions. The first panel will discuss regional issues related to the SDG 4 data regime, including continued gaps, areas of progress, and efforts and greater localization needed in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Middle East and North Africa. The second panel will discuss the thematic chapters on gender, Indigeneity and Internally Displaced Peoples as well as the importance of capturing the intersectionality of multiple dimensions of marginalisation  underscored by a framework on how inequalities are produced. The proposed framework suggests new dimensions/targets for SDG 4 monitoring, and the implications for addressing inequalities in education.

Interpretation will be provided in Arabic, French, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. Closed captions in various languages will be available.


  • Opening Moira V. Faul, Executive Director, NORRAG
  • Book Overview
    • Marcos Delprato, Senior Lecturer at the Centre for International Education, University of Sussex
    • Daniel Shephard, Postdoctoral Fellow in International Sustainable Development, Indiana University Bloomington
  • Chapter videos
  • Discussion Pali Lehohla, Founder, Pan-African Institute for Evidence
  • Panel Introduction Amita Chudgar, Professor of Education Policy, Michigan State University
  • Panel 1: Gaps, Progress, and Localisation of the SDG 4 Data Regime in Four Regions
    • Moderated by Nelson Oppong, Lecturer in African Studies and International Development, University of Edinburgh
    • Karma El Hassan, Associate Professor Measurement & Evaluation, American University of Beirut
    • Martín Scasso, Permanent Consultant, UNESCO Multisectoral Regional Office in Santiago
    • James Shoobridge, International Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant
    • Ernesto Yáñez, Permanent Consultant, UNESCO Multisectoral Regional Office in Santiago
  • Panel 2: Data and Inequalities in SDG 4 Data
    • Moderated by Anne Smiley, Deputy Project Director, International Rescue Committee
    • Marcos Delprato, Senior Lecturer at the Centre for International Education, University of Sussex
    • Helen Longland, Lecturer, University College London
    • Rosie Peppin Vaughan, Lecturer, University College London
    • Chiara Valenti, Research Associate, IDMC
  • Closing

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