Missing Data project

Missing Data project

The world has arrived at the 2022 mid-point for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and yet missing data continues to constitute a critical obstacle in achieving SDG 4 targets and “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.” The challenges presented by missing education data can manifest as missing groups, missing types, and missing purposes. These issues are central to NORRAG’s Missing Data project which will span until 2023 and seeks to provide guidance to the global education community on improving the availability of, and the role played by, education data in achieving SDG 4.

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Six key themes emerged from the Inaugural Missing Education Data Summit and its accompanying papers and expert consultations.

NORRAG’s Missing Education Data Project will continue to engage the community of education researchers and policymakers to improve how we understand and address these themes, and other gaps in the education data regime.

Missing Data Summit

NORRAG hosted the Inaugural Missing Education Data Summit on 30 November 2021 followed by regional and thematic expert consultations on 2 December 2021 to discuss how to conceptualise and address gaps in the current education data regime, and how such gaps contribute to marginalization. Experts from academia, GPE, IEFG, OREALC-UNESCO contributed insights and expertise.

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