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26 Oct 2018

Now Available “The State, Business, and Education: Public-Private Partnerships Revisited”

NORRAG’s open-access book “The State, Business, and Education: Public-Private Partnerships Revisited”, edited by Gita Steiner-Khamsi, NORRAG Director and Professor at Teachers College, Columbia University and the Graduate Institute, and Alexandra Draxler, NORRAG Senior Advisor is now available (released October 2018).


This is the first volume in a new open-access book series entitled NORRAG Series in International Education and Development to be published by E. Elgar Cheltenham, UK. The books in the series intend to generate an international debate on emerging trends in education and provide space for authors that represent diverse perspectives and knowledge communities.

The first volume, available in open access at E. Elgar Online, opens new horizons on the debate about public-private partnerships in education as they diversify, expand and increasingly blur the distinction between the public and private sectors.

Several decades after the introduction and promotion by powerful international organizations and bilateral donors of PPPs in education, the reciprocal influence of the public and private sectors has seen the two come to behave similarly in many regards. This book brings together new country-level research from Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India, countries recipient of refugees from Syria, and the USA. The country research is framed by two chapters that present, first, a broad-scale analysis of a growing trend that weakens international and national commitments to the right to free and relevant education and blurs the boundaries between public and private goods, and second a framework for assessing the legitimacy and effectiveness of public-private partnerships.

This book greatly benefited from a partnership with Education International (EI) and with the Open Society Foundations (OSF). Both organizations have for years supported research initiatives that investigate the impact of privatization on public education

The second volume in the series, Philanthropy in Education: Diverse Perspectives and Global Trends, is planned for publication in 2019. This volume will contribute to the emerging debates on the approaches and role of philanthropy in international education development.

The State, Business, and Education: Public-private Partnerships Revisited was presented at the CIES conference in Mexico City on 25-29 March 2018.

The following two video Podcasts on the book were created:

Podcast by Alexandra Draxler
Podcast by Antoni Verger, Clara Fontdevila, Adrián Zancajo

How to read The State, Business, and Education: Public-private Partnerships Revisited:

Available online in Open Access at E. Elgar Online

Order a paperback or eBook copy at E.Elgar shop (production costs apply)

Recommend The State, Business, and Education: Public-private Partnerships Revisited  to your library at the following link (click recommend)

Click here for a preview of the book.


1. Introduction
Gita Steiner-Khamsi and Alexandra Draxler

2. Experimenting with educational development: International actors and the promotion of private schooling in vulnerable contexts
Antoni Verger, Adrián Zancajo and Clara Fontdevila

3. Advocacy as core business: new philanthropy strategies in Brazilian education policymaking
Marina Avelar

4. Private participation in the education of Syrian refugees: Understanding the roles of businesses and foundations
Zeena Zakharia and Francine Menashy

5. Allies and competitors: Private schools and the state in China
Barbara Schulte

6. Unfair competition: Exploring state-funded privately-run schools’ logics of action in Buenos Aires
Mauro Moschetti

7. Profiting from the Poor: The Edu-Solutions Industry in Hyderabad
Carole Anne Spreen and Sangeeta Kamat

8. BRAC and low fee private education in Bangladesh
Emily Richardson

9. Death by a Thousand Cuts: Privatizing Public Education in the USA
Joanne Barkan

10. Public-private partnerships in education assessed through the lens of human rights
Mireille de Koning

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