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30 November 2021: Inaugural Missing Education Data Summit: Conceptualizing and Addressing Education Data Gaps for SDG 4

As the world nears the 2022 mid-point for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, missing data matters more than ever. This is particularly true in achieving SDG 4 to “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.” The education community must better understand the gaps and oversights in the current data regime for SDG 4 to ensure that data are used to address inequities in education—and not to inadvertently deepen them.[1] The Inaugural Missing Education Data Summit hosted online by NORRAG on 30 November will launch a year-long project to bring together academic and policy experts to engage in discussions to refine our conceptualization and prioritization of gaps in the current education data regime that should be addressed during the remainder of the Education 2030 agenda. This will build on NORRAG’s previous work on education data.

Register for the Public Summit on 30 November 2021 Now

The Inaugural Missing Education Data Summit will launch a yearlong series of expert discussions and research on how current regimes of education data related to the SDGs are systematically missing groups of people, types of data, and purposes of education data.

  • Laura Savage, Executive Director of the International Education Funders Group, will provide opening remarks on the important intersections between missing education data, education financing, and improving policies for inclusive access to quality education for all.
  • Daniel Shephard, NORRAG Missing Education Data Lead, will provide an overview of NORRAG’s approach and initial mapping of Missing Educational Data from a global, regional, and thematic perspective.
  • Marcos Delprato, Lecturer in International Education at the University of Sussex, will provide the results of his mapping of missing education data groups and types alongside an argument for a more systematic analysis and presentation of groups of learners based on available data disaggregation and their intersections.
  • Sotiria Grek, Professor in European and Global Education Governance at the University of Edinburgh, will present the keynote addressing what purposes the current SDG data regime serves and which purposes are notably missing.
  • Raphaelle Martinez, Education Policy and Learning Team Lead at the Global Partnership for Education, will serve as the discussant exploring implications for global policy and financing.

For each of these topics, the summit will interrogate the drivers of missingness, especially in terms of how the roles of organizations and the structure of their inter-relationships relate to these dimensions of missing educational data.

The public portion of the Summit on 30 November will be followed by closed-door expert discussions on 2 December focusing on Missing Education Data in four regions (Africa, Arab States, Asia, and Latin America & the Caribbean) and two themes (Gender and Education in Emergencies). A public summary of the discussion results and their accompanying Think Pieces will be published following the Summit.

The closed-door sessions will include interventions by Ernesto Yáñez Aguilar, Angela Arnott, Karma El Hassan, Alejandro Vera Mohorade, Martín Guillermo Scasso, James Shoobridge, experts from Education Cannot Wait and the Accountability for Gender Equality in Education project, and others. If you are a regional or thematic expert on education data and are interested in participating in the invitation-only discussion, you can apply for an invitation using the linked form.

This inaugural summit will be followed by a series of regional and thematic symposia in 2022 and will culminate in a closing Missing Education Data Summit at the end of 2022.

Agenda (download a PDF version here)

Dr. Moira V. Faul, Executive Director, NORRAG

Summit Opening
Dr. Laura Savage, Executive Director, International Education Funders Group

Missing Education Data
Mr. Daniel Shephard, Missing Data Project Lead, NORRAG

Conceptualizing Missing Dimensions, Groups and Types of Data
Dr. Marcos Delprato, Lecturer in International Education, University of Sussex

Keynote: Conceptualizing Missing Purposes of the SDG 4 Data Regime
Prof. Sotiria Grek, Professor in European and Global Education Governance, University of Edinburgh

Ms. Raphaelle Martínez, Education Policy and Learning Team Lead, Global Partnership for Education

Dr. Moira V. Faul, Executive Director, NORRAG

[1] See Education and the New Inequality Divides by Faul, Montjouridès, and Terway <>

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