NORRAG Network

As a network, NORRAG thrives on the engagement and participation of its members. While anyone interested in international policies and cooperation in education can be part of the “NORRAG community”, by attending events or consulting our open-source knowledge products (blog, NORRAG Special Issue etc.) and our website, becoming a member allows you in addition to receive regular updates of NORRAG’s activities, publications and latest developments via the NORRAG Bulletin (NORRAG Quarterly Newsletter), invitations to events and to connect with other NORRAG members, which can be searched by country of residence, country(ies) / region(s) of expertise or field(s) of expertise using the networking tool. Thanks to the information provided on registration, the NORRAG team can select members by their country of residence, country(ies)/region(s) of expertise or field(s) of expertise to inform them about specific events and news.

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