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10 Jul 2023

Toward more inclusive and labour market oriented education systems

Toward more inclusive and labour market oriented education systems:

Why and how can we build more “permeability” between academic and vocational education pathways?

10:00 – 12:00 am (Swiss time, UTC+2)

In many countries, academic education and vocational training pathways evolve in silos. Consequences: academic and general education pathways are the only option to “climb the ladder” within the system; vocational and technical education and training are limited and devalued; non formal and informal learning are not recognised; the education system lacks inclusivity and faces difficulties to respond to the needs of the labour market.

How can we increase the “permeability” of education and training systems by building more bridges and ladder at the different levels? What models exist? What can SDC and its partners do in that sense?

Join of us for an insightful discussion with leading specialists of ETH Zurich and field practitioners around country case studies from Benin, Nepal and Serbia!

A more detailed programme will follow.

This webinar is part of the Learning journey Interlinking Basic Education and Vocational Skills Development launched in April 2023. The webinar will be held in English and in French.

It will be based on the Study A ticket up and a ticket out: Promoting and ensuring permeability in education system reform of the Chair of Education Systems of the ETH Zurich (Authors: K. Caves; P. McDonald, D.Naço, U.Renold). For the main messages of this study, also see: Video introduction

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