#TheSouthAlsoKnows Network

#TheSouthAlsoKnows is a network for experts from the Global South. It aims to support connections between and improve access to the work of education experts – from South America to Asia and the Pacific; from Africa to eastern Europe. It is open to all education experts, including scholars, policy and decision makers, researchers, practitioners and professionals.

What the #TheSouthAlsoKnows Network offers

#TheSouthAlsoKnows is a dedicated subsection of NORRAG’s Network and Social Systems Map. As a member, you can find and connect with other experts from the Global South, as well as any of our 5,600 members, according to shared expertise, geography or interests. The Network is also a visualisation tool that allows you to develop and map your connections to other experts, based on common interests, regional or thematic expertise.

#TheSouthAlsoKnows also offers other networking,  peer-learning  and resource-sharing opportunities. Details of these opportunities will be shared with all members of #TheSouthAlsoKnows Network.

How to join

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