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04 May 2023

The Future of Work Summit 2023

As the future of work faces multiple transitions in the context of poly-crises, the Thinking Aheas on Sociaetal Change Platform is convening diverse thinkers and actors, from International Geneva and beyond, to explore issues at the forefront of the international agenda through the lens of social justice.


The future of work depends on the success or failure of multiple transitions. Whether we aim to be technology-enabled or human-centered, green or circular, it is increasingly clear that growing inequality, weakening trust, and breakdowns in global cooperation pose fundamental barriers to making a positive future of work a reality for all.

In our current context of poly-crises, both policy and practice must evolve – and fast! Can a shared focus on Social Justice provide the cohesion necessary to ensure the results of these transitions are fair and inclusive?

Taking place alongside the tripartite negotiations of the 111th Session of the International Labour Conference, the summit will bring a future-focused perspective to the issues at the forefront of the multilateral agenda – apprenticeships, just-transitions, social protection, artificial intelligence and more – though the lens of social justice.


As in previous editions of the Future of Work Summit, we are convening policymakers, businesses, researchers, civil society and youth to participate in workshops, roundtables, installations, and experiences – curated to inspire fresh thinking on future of work challenges. The event is geared to demystify new technology, stimulate creativity and build collective intelligence on the future of work.

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