Strengthen capacity

Strengthening capacity to collect, interpret and use data and evidence helps to improve educational planning, policymaking and practice, so that our stakeholders can ACT and work with context-relevant knowledge and expertise to formulate priorities and solutions.

This includes institutional capacity building and partnerships as well as collaborative research with and amongst NORRAG partners and members. Collaborative research projects usually involve South-South research and seek to develop relevant research capacities at the involved institutions.

More information on ongoing projects and collaborations is available in the partners section.

This strategic activity also includes a new service offering that NORRAG is developing in the field of executive education and professional development. These will combine knowledge with particular skills (policy analysis, indicator research, sector reviews, strategic planning, feasibility studies, monitoring and evaluation, etc.) that are pertinent for national and international policy analysts and practitioners in international educational development.

For more information on our research and knowledge products, see our resources.

For more information, see our themes.

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