Broker policy dialogue

NORRAG recognises that research and evidence use is essentially a relational process, this underpins our facilitation of policy dialogue in Geneva and worldwide so that our stakeholders can ACCESS under-represented knowledge relevant to their work.

Our policy dialogue includes consultations, workshops and conferences in relation to our themes organised in collaboration with our network and partners. Dialogues are typically multi-stakeholder, representing the various constituencies of NORRAG’s membership, and are combined with knowledge production and ongoing project work.

NORRAG’s approach to policy dialogue and learning

NORRAG’s policy dialogues are a collaborative approach to supporting learning from critical and under-represented expertise to improve quality and equity in education. We specialise in mobilising knowledge on complex subject-areas, bringing together organisations and individuals with different kinds of expertise to listen, learn and engage in dialogue.

Drawing on our international network of over 5000 global education stakeholders and our cohort of Senior Fellows, our strength lies in amplifying under-represented and critical knowledge in all contexts, with an express view of connecting insights to and from the majority world. Our approach is guided by our commitment to knowledge equity.

We work closely with our partners to understand their needs and priorities, and convene experts in closed-door settings to discuss practical, policy and educational issues. Our structured learning sessions are facilitated by experts specialising in brokering critical and marginalised expertise in education.

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