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19 Mar 2021

NORRAG Launches Senior Fellowship Programme

As the world is confronted by competing tendencies of ethno-nationalism and the Black Lives Matter movement, of growing authoritarianism alongside demands for democracy, NORRAG and the Graduate Institute are launching a Senior Fellowship Programme that will collaboratively debate current issues in international cooperation in education from a decolonial perspective.

Through our Senior Fellowship Programme, starting in April 2021, NORRAG brings together researchers whose scholarship raises issues of exclusion and under-represented voices in all contexts, with an express view of connecting insights to and from the majority world. We aim to reverse the current flow of research and decision-making by creating space and a megaphone to amplify expert knowledge on addressing marginalisation to audiences in the North. This programme will also develop long-term research links and partnerships that bring together distinguished expert voices from the Caribbean to the Indian subcontinent, from Africa to Eastern Europe.

The NORRAG Senior Fellowship Programme is designed to attract senior scholars to foster education and research that meaningfully addresses exclusion and under-representation in Northern and Southern contexts. It will showcase the quality of scholarship and brain power that can be brought to bear on these questions, and the capacity of NORRAG and the Graduate Institute to convene these talents.

Meet the 2021 Senior Fellows 

Vanessa Andreotti

Professor and Canada Research Chair in Race, Inequalities and Global Change, University of British Columbia, alumna of the University of Nottingham, UK 

Radhika Gorur

Associate Professor of Education, Deakin University and Director of the Laboratory of International Assessment Studies, alumna of the University of Melbourne

Catherine Odora Hoppers

Professor and former South African Research Chair in Development Education, University of South Africa, alumna of Stockholm University

Tavis Jules

Associate Professor of Cultural and Educational Policy, Loyola University Chicago, alumnus of Teachers College, Columbia University, New York

Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw

Professor of Early   Childhood Education, University of Western Ontario, alumna of the University of Toronto

Iveta  Silova

Professor and President of CIES, Arizona State University, alumna of Teachers College, Columbia University, New York

Crain A. Soudien

Professor of Education and African Studies and former Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Cape Town, alumnus of State University of New York at Buffalo

Arathi Sriprakash

Professor of Education,  Centre for Comparative and International Research in Education, University of Bristol

Prachi Srivastava

Associate Professor of Education and International Development, University of Western Ontario, alumna of the University of Oxford


Keita Takayama

Professor at the Graduate School of Education, Kyoto University, Japan, alumnus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison



NORRAG is a global network of 5,000 members for international policies and cooperation in education and training. NORRAG’s strength lies in addressing under-researched questions of quality and equity in key issues in education and development, particularly through amplifying under-represented expertise from the global South. NORRAG’s core mandate is to produce, disseminate and broker critical knowledge and to build capacity for and with the wide range of stakeholders who constitute our network. Our stakeholders from academia, governments, NGOs, international organizations, foundations and the private sector inform and shape education policies and practice at national and international levels. Through our work, NORRAG contributes to creating the conditions for more participatory, evidence-informed decisions that improve equal access to and quality of education and training. NORRAG is an associated programme of the Geneva Graduate Institute, and receives core funding from the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation as well as research funding from international grants. 

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