A unique network

NORRAG is an internationally recognised, multi-stakeholder network which has been seeking to inform, challenge and influence international education and training policies and cooperation for more than 30 years. Through networking and other forms of cooperation and institutional partnerships, it aims in particular to:

1) stimulate and disseminate timely, concise, critical analysis and act as an incubator for new ideas

2) serve as a knowledge broker at the interface between research, policy and practice

Work programme


NORRAG’s current work programme focuses on the following main themes:

- Education and training policies in the post-2015 and beyond agenda
- Global governance of education and training and the politics of data
- Conflict, violence and education: Scenarios for future interactions
- International perspectives on technical and vocational education and training (TVET) policies and practice in the global South

NORRAG is addressing these themes through its publications, its blog, its website, as well as workshops, conferences and policy seminars.