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19 Oct 2022

Implementation Plan for the International Standard Classification of Teacher Training Programmes to Start in Last Quarter of 2022

The International Standard Classification of Teacher Training Programmes (ISCED-T 2021) is a framework for assembling, compiling, and analysing cross-nationally comparable statistics on teacher training programmes and the related teacher qualifications.

ISCED-T was adopted at the 41st session of UNESCO General Conference in November 2021. Following this, the UNESCO Institute for Statistics has prepared an implementation plan which reflects the suggestions received from the General Conference. The implementation plan, which includes a data collection strategy, will start in the last quarter of 2022.

NORRAG, as a member of the Technical Advisory Panel, participated in the effort to discuss and review ISCED-T. This work is a first step towards facilitating discussions on teacher training and qualifications at the cross-national level and the continuing development and implementation of ISCED-T should support both the recognition of specificities and diversities in teacher training and qualification and the need for international monitoring and global discussions on teachers. 

ISCED-T is based on the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED), which serves to classify education programmes and the related qualifications by education levels and fields. ISCED-T complements ISCED with additional dimensions for the classification of teacher training programmes according to internationally agreed categories.

ISCED-T is expected to lead to more reliable and comparable statistics on teacher training programmes, which in turn will support the monitoring of global goals and targets and ultimately increase the provision of quality and equitable education for all.

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