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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, interlinkages were clear between education and health: an unhealthy child cannot learn and, at the same time, learning improves health outcomes. In addition to supporting the attainment of targets within Goals 3 and 4, working across health and education can also help attain overarching objectives such as inclusion and equity, and fulfil broader sustainability ambitions.

As Paul Cairney writes in his blog post: “we can often find a convincing rationale for practitioners in one sector to seek cooperation with other sectors. However, no study describes an effective way to do it, or even progress towards new ways of thinking. Indeed, perhaps the most striking proxy indicator of meaningful intersectoral action comes from the bibliographies of these articles. It is clear from the reading lists of each sector that they are not reading each other’s work. The literature on intersectoral action comes with a narrow sectoral lens.” 

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