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27 Apr 2020

NORRAG Covid-19 Response

NORRAG recognises the impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on its members and the wider community, which is why we have compiled this expanding list of activities related to Covid-19. Please check back for updates. 

While our own work has certainly been affected, with more of the NORRAG team currently working from home, we hope to bring content relevant to our members’ work and interests which can be enjoyed from the comfort of the home. We have published a range of publications about the Pandemic and how educational institutions are adapting to this change.  

We look to involve members in our work as much as possible, and welcome articles and publications about the issue. In the meantime, we hope that our members stay safe during this time. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us without any questions or concerns. 

Research and Knowledge Production

The following NORRAG Highlights have been produced about Covid-19. These include:

Disaster Philanthropy: Exploring the Power and Influence of the Private Sector and For-Profit Philanthropy in Pandemic Times  by Lara Patil (18 May 2020)

Post COVID-19 and SDG4: Window of Opportunity or of Opportunism? by Alexandra Draxler (11 May 2020)

Sustaining learning communities through and beyond COVID-19Â by Keith Holmes (27 April 2020)

COVID-19 Education Disruption and the Response by the Global Education Community by Arushi Terway and Marina Avelar (17 April 2020)

Covid-19 Pandemic: Preventing an Emerging Educational Crisis in Pakistan by Wajeeha Hazoor Bajwa (8 April 2020)

Did the future arrive before we were ready for it? by Noah W. Sobe (23 March 2020)

Online Education in Public Health Emergency: A Note during the Coronavirus Outbreak 2020 By Haogen Yao (25 Feb 2020)

Related Blog Posts 

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INEE Covid – 19 Blog Series  Ongoing
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Activities Organised by our Partners


Type of Content Title  Date


Event   IEFG Online Discussion Series  – Internal Event  Ongoing
INEE Event   Covid – 19 Webinar Series  Ongoing 
World Innovation Summit for Education Event Wise Words with Andreas Schleider and Fernando Reimers  Ongoing 
IHEID Event Human Rights in the Covid – 19 Response 14/04/2020
Education International  News  Call for Proposals – Commercialisation and privatisation in/of education 19/04/2020
Education International  News  Call for Proposals – Professional autonomy and academic freedom 19/04/2020

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Planning to Reopen Schools by Will Brehm in collaboration with Karen Mundy (27 July 2020)

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