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01 May 2023

KIX Research Update - MICS-EAGLE report on "Bridging the Gender Digital Divide"

KIX research project MICS-EAGLE, led by UNICEF, released a new report entitled “Bridging the Gender Digital Divide” on International Girls in ICT Day. Digital inclusion has become an increasingly important part of everyday life, needed for success in both the classroom as well as the world of work, and in some contexts increasingly important for accessing services. However, this report highlights that a majority of youth in low- and middle-income countries are not connected to the internet, have limited digital skills, and do not own a mobile phone. Adolescent girls and young women are especially disadvantaged. Evidence shows that 9 out of 10 adolescent girls and young women are offline in low-income countries. This report includes countries from Eastern and Southern Africa, South Asia, and West and Central Africa.

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