IFE Research Papers

IFE Research Papers

While some research and debate around innovative approaches to increasing financing for the education sector has existed since 2010, until recently most innovative mechanisms within the education sector have remained in the conceptual or pilot phase. The IFE Research Papers provide results of research projects on this topic that examine the conceptualisation and implementation of various innovative financing approaches within the education sector.


Results-based financing in education for sub-national government and school administrators: A practitioners’ guide

This Practitioners’ Guide provides practical recommendations and advice on implementing the findings of the full research report on results-based financing in education for sub-national governments and school administrators.

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Results-based financing in education for sub-national government and school administrators: A conceptual framework and practical recommendations

The study contributes to the global evidence base on Results-based Financing (RBF) and provides lessons on the use of RBF in the meso-level of the education sector, as well as recommendations for strengthening the link between results and funding. Ultimately, it is part of NORRAG’s effort to build empirical evidence on what works and what does not work in using innovative financing for improving equitable and inclusive quality education.



Innovative financing for education: A systematic literature review

The NORRAG team conducted a comprehensive literature review of both grey and academic literature on IFE, which included over 150 individual articles. The publication includes an analysis of the types of mechanisms that have been researched, disciplinary approaches, definitions, rationales, along with a discussion on the identified benefits and challenges. A typology and description of the most prevalent innovative financing mechanisms discussed in education will also be published.

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