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01 Dec 2021

Featured blog post: Countries using data to inform education policies by Peggy Kelly

Can data be transformed into policy so that children everywhere, even the most disadvantaged, can realize their right to learn 

A project, known as MICS-EAGLE for its use of Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) data to advance Education Analysis and Global Learning for Equity (EAGLE), has helped countries do just that in its first year. The MICS-EAGLE project, which is funded by the Global Partnership for Education Knowledge Innovation Exchange (GPE-KIX), aims to help countries make better use of their education data, directing it towards evidence-based policymaking and advocacy. At least three countries: Lao PDR, Mongolia and Georgia, have already shown how they’ve used data to inform education policies.  

Read the full Blog post cross-posted on the GPE-KIX Peer learning and exchange portal and UNICEF. It was first published on the UNICEF website on 7 July 2021 by Peggy Kelly, a Statistics and Monitoring Specialist at UNICEF and a research partner with the Global Partnership for Education Knowledge and Innovation Exchange. 

image credit: © UNICEF/UN0311115/Labrador

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