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01 Dec 2021

Enter the Global Education Monitoring Photo Contest by 30 April 2021!


Every year, UNESCO’s Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report holds an international photo contest to seek out new and original images to complement its innovative findings and analysis.  A selection of the best photos feature in the Report and associated communications products (i.e. multiple language versions, summary versions, flyers, event invitations, banners (web and print), posters, etc.).

Due out in December 2021, the next GEM Report will focus on non-state actors in education. While everyone wants to achieve the goal of providing quality education for all, who delivers it, who is engaged, and how they are engaged is a subject of much consternation. Generally, debates on the issue tend to be split between those who believe in the principle of full public delivery of education, and those who do not. The 2021/2 GEM Report aims to inform this debate with evidence-based examples, demonstrating that the matter is not “black and white”, but is one of degrees, and is highly dependent on context.

The brief

We are inviting submissions of original photographs that capture the many ways in which non-state actors are involved in education systems – providing education (private, NGO, faith-based or community schooling); providing ancillary services (school meals, technology, conducting assessments, supplementary private tutoring); influencing education system functioning and financing (equity implications; influence over national policies; additional resource mobilization prospects); and the state role in the process (regulatory frameworks, accountability mechanisms).

Photos could portray some of the most recent developments in the non-state actors’ landscape. As global corporations or philanthropic foundations increase their interest in what and how education is delivered, their influence and prominence in the global education community as well as in their dealings with countries creates new challenges and opportunities for public-private interactions. Similarly, as governments grapple with providing early childhood education for all in the SDG era, many public-private arrangements are being developed or expanded.

Further ideas for photo submissions can be found in these GEM Report blogs on the role of non-state actors in education or in the concept note for the report.

Deadline & details

Submit up to 3 photos by 30 April 2021. Send them in electronic format by following the instructions below:

  1. Download the Grant of Rights form
  2. Go to
  3. Enter your name and email
  4. Upload your .zip file
  5. Enter recipient email:
  6. Enter message to recipient: “2021 Photo Contest”. Photos will not be accepted without the description text.
  7. Click [Send] button
  8. Please make sure you also upload a completed Grant of Rights form with your photo(s).

To learn more about the terms & conditions, who can enter, and the judging process, click here.

Visit GEM’s page en Français or en Español.

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