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10 May 2022

Announcing NORRAG Special Issue 07: Education in Times of Climate Change

The seventh edition of NORRAG Special Issue (NSI) is entitled “Education in Times of Climate Change“. NSI 07 is guest-edited by Distinguished Professor Heila Lotz-Sisitka, Environmental Learning Research Centre Rhodes University, South Africa and Professor Eureta Rosenberg, Environmental Learning Research Centre Rhodes University, South Africa. It will be launched in October on NORRAG website and social media channels.

Climate change is not a new issue for education, but new levels of consensus and concern are emerging, suggesting that new policy developments may follow, with hopefully a stronger connection to the educational opportunities, challenges and inequalities around the world and in particular in the Global South. Just how this is to be done in education at all levels, is not always clear. Educators in diverse fields need to do and share a deeper analysis of climate change education needs around the world quite urgently in order to inform policy formulation, the evaluation frameworks for success, and resourcing decisions.

NSI 07 English edition consists of 28 articles written by 75 authors from 22 countries in all continents, which aim to highlight global and national-level experiences and voices. Perspectives are included from young scholars, early career educationists and development practitioners, as well as internationally renowned practitioners and academics who have devoted their careers to sustainability and educational change.The Special Issue is composed of eight sections:

  • Part 1: Overview Perspectives
  • Part 2: Expanding Learning and Agency Across Boundaries
  • Part 3: Transforming Learning, Activism and Relating
  • Part 4: Engaging Diverse Knowledges in Climate Change Response
  • Part 5: Young People and the Call for Climate Action
  • Part 6: Children’s Voices in Climate Action
  • Part 7: Transforming Higher Education for Sustainable Futures
  • Part 8: Inclusive, Responsive Educational Transformations in Service of Sustainable Futures

To familiarise yourself with the content of NSI 07 prior to its launch in July, please have a look at the brochure and table of contents at the link below.

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