Artificial Intelligence and Education

Artificial Intelligence and Education 

AI is many things: from spellchecks to text and image generation apps to the public and private infrastructure on which AI relies. While AI has been around for decades, the public release of ChatGPT at the end of November 2022 shifted public and policy conversations in important ways. AI is here to stay, and education stakeholders are duty-bound to examine both the opportunities and the pitfalls that AI entrains. We address the main challenges concerning inequalities reflecting on how to centre the value of humans and our planet in the use and governance of AI, as well as in its underpinning value creation models.

Policy Insights: AI and Digital Inequities

AI in society is not a binary on/off. But the question of how can we prevent AI from reflecting and reinforcing existing inequities must be answered. This collection brings together 29 authors from 5 continents who provide key takeaways for decision makers, educators and students seeking to support more equitable and ethical design and deployment of AI in education across the full gamut of ethical concerns. The authors in this collection foreground the ethical challenges that arise with regards to AI use in education whether as a private, public or common good, and invite you to put human and planetary flourishing at the heart of AI decision making, development and deployment.

BLOG SERIES: AI and the Digitalisation of Education: Challenges and Opportunities

Since the release of Chat GPT in November 2022, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has moved to the forefront of attention of stakeholders working in education policy and practice. While many are enthusiastic about the potential opportunities AI offers for improving education systems and classroom practice, others are wary of the bias that AI represents, the potential of AI to contribute to an ever-widening inequality gap, and its ethical pitfalls. The series invites empirically-grounded and critical contributions on the challenges and opportunities of AI and the digitisation of education.

News and events

Making Education AI-Friendly

Ben Williamson
30 May 2024
In this blogpost, which was previously published in NORRAG’s 4th Policy Insights publication on “AI and Digital Inequalities”, Ben Williamson argues that far from being...
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AI and Children’s Rights

Sonia Livingstone & Gazal Shekhawat
29 May 2024
In this blogpost, which was previously published in NORRAG’s 4th Policy Insights publication on “AI and Digital Inequalities”,  Sonia Livingstone and Gazal Shekhawat call for...
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