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25 Feb 2020

5-8 May 2020, São Paulo, Brazil: Philanthropy in Education – Latin America, the Caribbean and Lusophone Countries (postponed)

Due to the recent Covid-19 outbreak, this event is postponed. More information will follow shortly.  

NORRAG and the Brazilian Campaign for the Right to Education (BCRE) are engaged in an international effort to facilitate dialogue, research, and stakeholder collaboration for understanding how private actors, especially philanthropy, engage in education and interact with the Right to Education (RTE) in Latin America, the Caribbean and Lusophone Countries. As part of the Philanthropy in Education Symposium Series, NORRAG and BCRE will co-organize a panel session within the “International Seminar on Education: Facing challenges and strengthening free, quality public education in Latin America and the Caribbean and in the Lusophone countries”. The seminar will take place in São Paulo, Brazil on 5 – 8 May 2020. It will bring together representatives from civil society organisations and non-profits, governments and academia.

The PiE panel will promote an analysis concerning the role of philanthropy in education in Latin America and the Caribbean from the perspective of the right to education. More specifically, it intends to understand global trends and regional specificities, and how they interact with the challenge and strive to strengthen free, quality public education in the region.

The panel will address the following topics:

  • Characteristics of the engagement of (new) philanthropy in education in the region
  • New roles foundations are playing in the region concerning policy making and service provision
  • New philanthropy’s strategies to participate in education governance
  • Effects and implications of this engagement for fulfilling the RTE
  • Responses adopted by RTE groups in the region to the growing private engagement in education

The PiE panel will include talks from researchers that have been investigating philanthropy in the region, as well as a round table to cover country-cases that will illustrate and deepen the analysis.

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