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18 Sep 2020

22 September 2020: A review of Innovative Financing Mechanisms in Education

Arushi Terway, Senior Lead Research Associate, NORRAG, will speak at “A review of Innovative Financing Mechanisms in Education” event part of the World Bank’s Brown Bag Breakfast Service (BBBS) Education Finance Thematic Group on 22 September 2020 (9:00 AM – 10:30 AM EDT [Washington DC].

The BBL presents the findings from an in-depth analysis of the emerging phenomena of innovative financing for education. It explores, through a systematic review of the literature, how the education sector has understood and conceptualized innovative financing, how the sector has employed it and what are its benefits and limitations. The BBL will also present finds from case study research on experience with designing and implementing innovative financing arrangements from several countries including Argentina, Ethiopia, India and South Africa.

The Education GP BBL Series provides a space for World Bank education staff and visiting researchers and speakers to share recent findings, innovative on-the-ground experience, and implementation challenges and successes relevant to the work of the Bank in education.

Speaker: Arushi Terway, Senior Lead Research Associate, NORRAG

Discussant: Harry Patrinos, Practice Manager, Education, World Bank

Chair: Jaime Saavedra, Global Director, Education, World Bank

view the slides here.
watch a recording of the seminar here.
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