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15 January 2019: Philanthropy in Childhood Education in China: Trends and perspectives

China Global Philanthropy Institute in collaboration with NORRAG and the 21st Century Education Research Institute are organising a conference on “Philanthropy in Childhood Education in China: Trends and perspectives” on 15 January 2019 in Beijing, China. This is the third event in the Philanthropy in Education Symposium Series. The event in China is organised with the support of the Laoniu Brother & Sister Foundation.

The conference is aimed at foundations, non-profit educational organisations, academia, business, social enterprises, media and government to discuss the theme of education equity and innovation in childhood education in China.

At the event, a combination of domestic and international case studies will be presented as well as the preliminary finding of the report “Childhood Education and Philanthropy in Education”. The report promotes understanding of the current state of childhood education in China through the sharing of international and domestic case studies.

This event will bring together partners and different stakeholders to establish a network that can mobilize resources, promote cooperation, stimulate institutional exchange and facilitate the sustainable development of philanthropy in education in the domain of childhood education.

Preliminary programme

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