Institutional Partnership with Zhejiang Normal University

As from June 2014, a collaboration agreement has been put in place between NORRAG and the Institute of International and Comparative Education of Zhejiang Normal University in Jinhua city, Zhejiang province, China. The main objective of this collaboration is the translation of NORRAG News (NN) into Mandarin under the leadership of the Chinese NN Editor, Prof. Wan Xiulan, Deputy Dean of the Institute of International and Comparative Education. This provides an important and easy-to-access platform for the potentially large number of Chinese readers of NORRAG News in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and other areas.

Visit the Zhejiang Normal University website.

NN50, the first issue to have been translated, was launched in November 2014.

Other activities of this collaboration include:

  • NORRAG’s involvement in the international seminar on “China-Africa Education Development and Capacity Building”, held in October 2014 in China. NORRAG convened a session on the Global Governance of Education and training, which was a sub-theme of this seminar
  • A Launch seminar to mark the release of NN52 in Mandarin Chinese in January 2016. While NN52 provides critical reflections on the World Education Forum and on the place of education and skills financing in light of the Agenda 2030, the seminar covered the specific topic of China’s Aid to African Education.

For more information about these activities and knowledge products, click below to access our Resource Library.

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