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01 Feb 2024

Unveiling Diverse Approaches and Perspectives on Philanthropy in Education

NORRAG, in collaboration with global partners, has released a new Policy Insights on Models of Philanthropy in Education. This comprehensive report encapsulates critical research findings and perspectives from experts around the globe who participated in NORRAG’s Philanthropy in Education symposium series. This publication showcases a wide array of viewpoints from 39 experts, offering a deep dive into philanthropic engagements in education. The report addresses the diverse approaches and impacts of philanthropy across regions including Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, India, and the Middle East and North Africa, reflecting a broad spectrum of regional nuances and strategies.

The report showcases the insights of diverse contributors, with each offering unique perspectives from their vantage points as academics, policymakers, and philanthropic organisations. This collection of independent articles underscores the breadth of knowledge and approaches to philanthropy in education across various regions. It aims to foster a greater understanding of the complex landscape of education philanthropy, emphasising the importance of socially responsive and effective contributions. The insights shared in this publication are poised to guide policy stakeholders, offering innovative and critical perspectives on the role of philanthropy in shaping education systems globally. NORRAG’s initiative underscores the significance of inclusive dialogue and the sharing of evidence-based perspectives to enrich the discourse on philanthropy in education.

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