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21 Jun 2023

NSI 08 : The Education-Training-Work Continuums: Pathways to Socio-Professional Inclusion for Youth and Adults

The eigth edition of NORRAG Special Issue (NSI), published in June 2023 and in collaboration with the International Labour Organization, is entitled “The Education-Training-Work  Continuums: Pathways to  Socio-Professional Inclusion  for Youth and Adults”. This NSI focuses on the discontinuities that currently exist between education, training and decent work, arguing that existing discontinuities between these three fields create and reinforce exclusions and inequalities for already marginalised groups. The authors argue that treating the three fields as a continuum would improve the inclusion of people who continue to be excluded from the “standard” journey between education, training and work. The Guest Editors, Michel Carton and Christine Hofmann, have compiled 28 contributions from 25 countries on 5 continents to address these questions.

The NSI Series aims to expand the debate and foster dialogue, bridge the gap between theory and practice, as well as stimulate new research, advocacy and policy innovation in international education development.

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