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NSI 04: New Philanthropy and the Disruption of Global Education


The fourth edition of NORRAG Special Issue (NSI), released on 30 April 2020, is entitled “New Philanthropy and the Disruption of Global Education.” NSI 04 aims to analyse the disruptive nature of “new philanthropy” and its role in the changing landscape of global education and development.

NSI 04 consists of 31 articles which aim to highlight global and national experiences, as well as diverse perspectives on the role and function of new philanthropy in education. As the field of philanthropy is changing, this issue questions the accountability of philanthropy in the case of unintended negative consequences. Authors and case examples come from diverse countries and geographic regions, examining the role of new philanthropy through articles that adopt academic and practitioner framings, as well as different – and sometimes divergent – analysis and arguments.

The aim of this edition of NSI is to expand the debate and foster dialogue, bridge the gap between theory and practice, as well as stimulate new research, advocacy and policy innovation in international education development.

The issue is composed of four sections that represent a broad set of stakeholders and illustrate a variety of viewpoints concerning new philanthropy in education.

  • Part one provides overarching expositions that serve as a backdrop for the entire NSI. Some focus on global development, others on education policy and practice, and others on the sector and institutions of philanthropy itself.
  • Part two dissects some of the current trends of new philanthropy in education. In this section, authors discuss the regulatory frameworks that allow for some changes in the logic of philanthropy, the blurring between profit and social, the focus on disruption, the impetus for large-scale impact, and the adoption of business thinking in the management of foundations and their boards of governance.
  • Part three discusses the growing role of philanthropy in public policy and governance, and how this affects democracy, transparency and equity. These articles describe this new governance and “social contract” from the standpoint that there is an altered sharing of responsibilities and a shift in the frontiers between the public and private sectors.
  • Part four is dedicated to discussing philanthropy and education financing. These articles explore the new interest in results – based financing and concerns related to data, measurement, perverse incentives and equity.

NSI 04 is edited by Lara Patil, an Advisor to NORRAG and Marina Avelar, Research Associate at NORRAG. Lara’s research in the area of donor logic and the role of non-state actors in educational development builds upon academic and professional experience with technology industry giving. Marina’s research focuses on privatization, globalization, and the growing engagement of private actors in education, with special interest in philanthropy and innovative financing.

NSI 04 is currently available in English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Russian, and Simplified Chinese Characters.




العدد الخاص 04: العمل الخيري الجديد وتعطيل التعليم العالمي متوفر باللغات الإنجليزية والروسية والصينية المبسطة

تم إضافة ترجمات وسياقات للعدد الخاص 04.  قم بزيارة مكتبة موارد نوراغ للوصول إلى سياقات اللغة الروسية والصينية الشمالية. يقوم  العمل حاليًا على النسختين الفرنسية والعربية وسيتم إضافتهما قريبًا. العدد الخاص 04 الإنجليزية I الروسية I الصينية المبسطة.

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