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27 Jun 2018

NORRAG Special Issue China 01: The Right to Education Movements and Policies: Promises and Realities

The Chinese contextualisation and translation of selected articles from NORRAG Special Issue 01: The Right to Education Movements and Policies: Promises and Realities is now available in the NORRAG Resource Library. NSI China was prepared by the Institute of International and Comparative Education at Beijing Normal University (BNU)

The Mandarin Chinese contextualisations include translations of seventeen articles from the English edition of NSI 01. The editor of NSI China is Jun Teng, Deputy Director and Associate Professor of Institute of International and Comparative Education (IICE) at BNU.

The Chinese version of NSI is based on a selection of articles from the English version with criteria of both cutting-edge research and relevance with China. The country representation is also put into the consideration.

IICE which was founded in 1961, is one of the oldest comparative education research organizations in China, it conducts research on cutting-edge issues in educational reform and development theory, policy and practice at home and abroad.

This project is part of NORRAG’s ongoing work to translate and disseminate NSI through its partnerships with institutions in the Global South and East. Further contextualisation is available in Arabic, and further translations and contextualisation are expected in French, Spanish and Russian.

The first volume of NORRAG Special Issue (NSI), launched in January 2018, is dedicated to examining international frameworks and national policy as well as the challenges of fulfilling the right to education in practice. It highlights global and national-level experiences and perspectives on guaranteeing the right to education in accordance with international agreements, national constitutions, legislation, and policy. This issue attempts to bridge the gap between theory and practice, and advocacy and policy, in international educational development.

The NSI series aims to further decentralize NORRAG’s knowledge production by promoting and engaging NORRAG members from the South. Guest editors Dr. Archana Mehendale and Dr. Rahul Mukhopadhyay, distinguished education scholars based in India, have developed this first volume which contains, in its English version, more than 30 contributions from academic researchers, UN organizations, civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations, and policymakers.

Download the Spanish, French, English, Chinese, Russian and Arabic version of NSI 01 from the NORRAG Resource Library here:

On NSI, Dr.Koumbou Boly Barry, Special UN Rapporteur on the Right to Education said “NORRAG Special Issue 01 is a timely issue. In 2018, it has been 70 years since the convention on human rights was set up and especially its implementation started. It is useful to ensure we are able to take stock, so I thank NORRAG to have given us the opportunity to celebrate this milestone”.

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