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05 Mar 2020

NORRAG selected for hosting the ASIA++ hub of the KIX Initiative

NORRAG successfully participated in the international Call of IDRC (International Development Research Centre, Canada) for Regional Learning Partners of the KIX Initiative. The Knowledge and Innovation Exchange Initiative (KIX) of the Global Partnership for Education aims to strengthen education systems by implementing a mechanism for (i) surfacing and generating knowledge, (ii) adapting and taking to scale innovations, and (iii) learning from others by means of exchange. NORRAG was awarded the grant for the 45-month project, starting in April 2020. The grant enables NORRAG to set up a hub and platform for 21 countries in the Asia ++ region, ranging from Moldova to the west, the Republic of the Maldives to the south, and Papua New Guinea to the east, which will actively engage in knowledge production and innovation exchange.

The Asia++ hub of KIX will apply a demand-driven strategic partnership model. The initial group of strategic partners are ACER (Australia), FHI 360 (USA), and Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education (NUGSE). This group of initial strategic partners will be enlarged by UNICEF, UNESCO and other important organizations in the region, proposed by the participating countries.

The KIX Initiative corresponds to the core mission of NORRAG to mobilize, produce, and disseminate knowledge from, and with, the global South. We are pleased to closely collaborate with education experts in the Asia++ region and mobilize our own network of NORRAG members in the region.

See the GPE Kix Factsheet

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