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07 Dec 2023

NORRAG: Continuity through change

NORRAG started life as one of the Research, Review, and Advisory Groups (RRAGs) in 1977, funded at the time by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and Swedish International Development Authority (Sida). The institutional hosting of NORRAG has moved from Stockholm to the Centre for the Study of Education in Developing Countries (CESO) in The Hague, to the Graduate Institute of Development Studies (IUED). We are now hosted by the Geneva Graduate Institute, which offers significant support for our activities, as does the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

The current name “NORRAG” was adopted in 1986 and we have used a number of logos over time.  

As we enter the next phase of NORRAG’s evolution, we are changing our logo as we continue to work for the same reasons you joined us, and in the same ways that you value. This change allows us to better:

  • Uphold the right to education, training and lifelong learning as a public and common good.
  • Support access to quality and equitable education, training and lifelong learning.
  • Participate in creating the conditions for more participatory, evidence-informed policy decisions that improve equal access to quality education and training.

Our broad and deep vision of education encompasses all ages and types of education and training. Our principles and practices remain the same: amplifying marginalized knowledge, especially from the Global South.

The continuing high priority we give to our 5,600 network members in 174 countries is shown in our recent significant investment in new networking tools and coordination, supported by Open Societies Foundations (OSF). You can explore our new interactive network map here, and make new connections while renewing old contacts.

Our initiative #TheSouthAlsoKnows aims to amplify under-represented expert knowledge from the Global South to audiences globally, in the North and South, by improving access to the work of experts from South America to Asia and the Pacific; from Africa to eastern Europe.

We will continue to produce high quality analytical research, alongside convening policy dialogue as well as teaching and professional development.

NORRAG’s first 46 years have layered success upon success. We look forward to continuing our journey and continuing evolution together – for the next 46!

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