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13 Sep 2021

NORRAG and FreshEd are partnering to support Education International training on Podcasting

Organised at the end of September, NORRAG and FreshEd will run a tri-lingual professional development training session on Podcasting for Education International (EI). The training session “Reaching for impact: Podcasting tools and climate change” will support EI members to reach new audiences and help develop new tools for communication and advocacy.

Paul Gerhard, NORRAG Senior Lead Communication Specialist, will provide the training in French and draw on NORRAG’s experience with two Podcasts: the NORRAG Podcast and the KIX EAP Podcast launched in April 2021.

The Spanish language training will be led by Daniela Hernández Silva, who joined the FreshEd Flux programme as a fellow in November 2020. She is the first FreshEd Flux fellow to air her episode on FreshEd (FreshEd #241 – Defying the Odds in Rural Colombia?). The English language training will be organised by Mariana Casellato, Podcast coordinator for the Earth Institute, Columbia University.

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