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30 Nov 2021

New media resources- Event 20th June with Dr. Karen Mundy, Global Partnership for Education

Karen Mundy, Chief Technical Officer, presented on the Global Partnership for Education and its role in realizing the Sustainable Development Goal for education. In the midst of its third replenishment campaign, which aims to bring GPE’s financing up to $2 billion annually by 2020, Karen Mundy discussed what the partnership hopes to achieve over the next three years. Building on results in 37 key indicators spanning areas such as performance on equitable learning, improving education data, and making country dialogue more inclusive, the GPE is poised to tackle some of the most trenchant challenges in education. Karen also shared what makes GPE’s model unique, why changing systems is the only way to ensure that all children are learning, and how far GPE needs to go to deliver on its strategic vision for low and lower middle income countries.

Below is a short interview with Dr. Karen Mundy herself:


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