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15 Jul 2022

New FreshEd Podcast, in Spanish: Launch of Aula Divergente

Launched on 15 July 2022, Aula Divergente is FreshEd’s new podcast in Spanish, hosted by Daniela Hernández Silva and Carlos Navia Canales. Aula Divergente explores current issues in education across Latin America. Produced by FreshEd, the show uses a mini-series format where a collection of episodes focus on a single topic. The first mini-series, consisting of four episodes, focuses on the educational and constitutional reforms in Chile.

More about the hosts and production team:

  • Daniela, a Colombian scholar, is a trained anthropologist and a specialist in Sustainability and Innovation from Harvard. In her Flux episode, she used magical realism to explore policy assumptions about rural education in Colombia, using Escuela Nueva as her case study.
  • Carlos Navia is a Chilean lawyer and a doctoral candidate at the @Cambridge_Uni. In his episode, he talked about Chile’s Constitutional Convention, and how it will reimagine the country’s educational system.
  • Alvaro Acevado, the post-production producer for @aula_divergente, is an audio-engineer who has worked with a range of podcasts and radio shows, including The Culture Lab and ISV Radio.

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