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02 Apr 2024

KIX EMAP Podcast #26: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Improving Education, with Prof. Manjula Vithanapathirana

This episode of the KIX EMAP podcast, hosted by Ryan Allen, Assistant Professor, Soka University of America (USA), features Prof. Manjula Vithanapathirana of Sri Lanka. In the episode, Prof. Vithanapathirana discusses her shift from hard sciences to education, as well as the disparities between learner-centred methods and exam-focused systems in Sri Lankan schools. She also highlights the challenges in implementing teacher training modules and emphasises the significance of partnerships with local experts for tailored solutions.

The KIX EMAP Podcast promotes diverse voices in the education discourse, with guests from government, academia, or civil society. Our host Ryan Allen talks with senior educational intellectuals, authors and practitioners from countries in the Europe, Middle East and North Africa, Asia and Pacific region. Reach out to us if you know of anyone who could feature on the KIX EMAP podcast.


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