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22 Feb 2024

IFE-2-Leave No One Behind at CIES

IFE-2-Leave No One Behind research partners NORRAG at the Geneva Graduate Institute, Tata Institute of Social Sciences – Centre for Education Innovation and Action Research (TISS-CEIAR) and University of Cape Town – Graduate School of Business (UCT-GSB) will come together to present research findings in two exciting panels at the upcoming Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) 2024 Conference, in Miami, Florida, USA.

The first panel, “Financing Higher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia,” chaired by Marina Dreux Frotté (NORRAG), will present research and financing initiatives that address the equity challenge in higher education in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. The first presentation is a joint effort by UCT-GSB and TISS-CEIAR researchers Allan Kimaina and Kamlesh Goyal, “Challenges with higher education financing.” The second presentation, by Justine Burns (UCT-GSB), is titled “Lending for Education in Africa Partnership: An innovative student loan programme.” The third, by Yageshree Moodley (UCT-GSB), will focus on “Models of Higher Education Financing.” The research presented in this panel addresses how and under what conditions innovative financing mechanisms could tackle the challenge of addressing the financial barrier to access higher education for disadvantaged populations. Research findings aim to inform the debates on strategies for financing equitable higher education, such as student loans, scholarships, subsidies, graduate taxes, etc. The panel will take place in person on 13 March from 16:45-18:15, details can be found here.

In the second panel, titled “Innovative Financing for Education: Leveraging Private Capital” and chaired by Gita Steiner-Khamsi (Columbia University Teachers College & NORRAG), panellists will explore the theoretical conceptualisation of leveraging private capital for education initiatives aiming to reach marginalised and vulnerable populations. Presenters will discuss findings from current academic and grey literature on the topic, as well as findings emerging from several innovative financing mechanisms that have engaged private investors. From NORRAG, Marina Dreux Frotté and Arushi Terway will present on “Examining Private Capital Investment in Education: Developing a Framework for Analysis”. From TISS-CEIAR, Emon Nandi will present on “Impact Bonds for Education: What have we learned?,” and Archana Mehendale on “Linking Finance to Impact: Models for Results-Based Financing in Education.” The presenters hope to engage the audience in a robust discussion on the value and drawbacks of private investor engagement in education programmes, especially in reaching the marginalised and vulnerable populations. This panel, which is a highlighted session, will take place in person on 14 March from 11:15-12:45, details can be found here.

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