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19 May 2021

Education and the New Inequality Divides by Moira V. Faul, Patrick Montjouridès and Arushi Terway

Moira V. Faul, Patrick Montjouridès and Arushi Terway recently published an article in Global Challenges, the Graduate Institute, Geneva’s flagship publication. The article titled “Education and the New Inequality Divides” looks at how data collection and practices still reinforce patterns of inequality in funding and accessing education. The authors call for funding and data regimes to target equity and inclusiveness, and build decolonised and intersectional education systems in order to “leave no one behind”.

The article is part of issue 9 of Global Challenges titled “The Moving Fault Lines of Inequality” which looks at how inequality is still growing despite poverty diminishing globally over the last two centuries.

Read the article here:

About the authors:
Moira V. Faul is Executive Director of NORRAG
Arushi Terway is Senior Lead Research Associate at NORRAG
Patrick Montjouridès is Senior Research Associate at NORRAG

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