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20 Mar 2023

Ambedkar, Dewey, and the Evolution of Pragmatism in India

Many know that Bhimrao Ambedkar, chief architect of India’s constitution and powerful proponent of rights and respect for India’s most oppressed, thought highly of John Dewey, his former teacher at Columbia University, New York. At this international symposium, the keynote speaker sheds light on Ambedkar’s time in New York, detailing the two men’s educational and intellectual relationship and Ambedkar’s appropriation of Deweyan concepts and methods to forge a new vision of pragmatism.

The international symposium is organized by Teachers College, Columbia University and the UNESCO Chair in Comparative Education Policy, based at the Geneva Graduate Institute.




Hindi – The interpretation is intended to facilitate communication and cannot be considered an authentic reproduction of the discussion


Speakers and Moderator

Scott R. Stroud Associate Professor of Communication Studies, University of Texas at Austin




Professor Gita Steiner-Khamsi PhD, Professor at TC, Columbia University & UNESCO Chair in Comparative Education Policy




Dr Bishnu Maya Pariyar Founding President of Adwan, Nepal/USA




Vikas Tatad Senator ITS & Chair of University Policy & Rules Committee, TC, Columbia University, USA




Monalisa Barman Human rights activist and scholar







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