Sharing knowledge, innovation and best practices across countries and at the regional and global levels is key to enhancing national educational policies and outcomes. Limited resources have been invested so far in knowledge production and innovation and in the scaling up of proven approaches. This is where the Global Partnership for Education Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX) comes in, with NORRAG as one of its Regional Learning Partners.

Learning Cycles

Learning Cycles are professional development opportunities offered to national education experts from 21 GPE partner countries in the Europe | Asia | Pacific (EAP) region. National experts analyse, contextualise, and produce new knowledge on policy analysis and innovation exchange.

The learning cycles are also an opportunity to make national experts internationally visible by lending them support to produce their studies and, if interested, to disseminate related blog posts and videos.

What is next on the KIX EAP Learning Cycle:

to be announced soon.u00a0

Find more about our previous Learning Cycle:

Producing knowledge with the KIX EAP Learning Cycles

You can learn more about the first learning cycle u201cFeasibility Study on Scaling Innovationu201d byu00a0watching our national teamsu2019 interviews. All interviews are available with subtitles in Russian, English, and Arabic languages.




Blog posts

KIX Peer Learning and Exchange Portal

This work was supported by the Global Partnership for Education Knowledge and Innovation Exchange, a joint endeavour with the International Development Research Centre, Canada

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