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07 Nov 2022

24-28 January 2023: Learning Planet Festival “Learning to Take Care of Oneself, Others and the Planet”

Since its launch in January 2020, the Learning Planet Festival has been a free, open-to-all series of events dedicated to celebrating education and lifelong learning. On 24 January 2023, the International Day of Education, the festival will bring the world together with more than 500 online and onsite events worldwide and with the participation of over 300 Alliance partners worldwide. The Festival, which will run until 28 January, explores new ways of learning, teaching, researching, and making an impact in light of complex societal and environmental challenges.

The Learning Planet Institute invites members to organise an online session or a local event with their community. Alliance organisations are free to create their events on the platform on any day/track, but are encouraged  to use the proposed Festival framework to maximise synergies with other communities sharing similar goals.

Coordinated by the Learning Planet Institute, the Festival exists and thrives through members’ contributions. The Institute provides them with the tools, structure, visibility and international outreach to make sure their voices are heard. By highlighting the extraordinary diversity of actors and learning territories that are engaged at the local, national and international levels, this annual gathering nurtures a culture of hope and engagement.

More specifically, what happens during the Festival?

  • Hundreds of partners around the world will offer a wide variety of online and face-to-face events: conferences, forums, masterclasses, workshops, screenings, hackathons, games, artistic and sports activities, discovery tours, and more
  • Times of celebration and discovery for all audiences, and thematic tracks designed more for professional audiences (researchers, educators, innovators and experts, policy makers…).
  • A unique chance to meet with communities of enthusiasts – young people, teachers, artists, scientists, social entrepreneurs… – who will share their experiences and their common will to act for change, from Delhi to Dublin, via Paris and Phoenix.

Get ready for your event

Submit your event on the dedicated platform, the Learning Planet Festival team will review it, and if applicable will append it to a Festival track. Participants will be notified when this is done. Events will then be published on the Festival’s website and participating organisations can spread the word to their own community! The Festival’s communication kit will be ready by the end of October and at your disposal to publicise your event.

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