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16 March 2020: Global monitoring of national educational development: coercive or constructive?

Due to the recent Covid-19 measures taken at the Graduate Institute, this event was moved online. Watch it below: 

Date and Venue
Monday 16.03.2020, 16:00 – 17:00

Online Webinar: use the following link

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The event will take place for one hour and feature short presentations from the panelists and space for Q&A from the (virtual) room.

More information about the technology:

We are using Zoom Webinar Platform. Zoom is a communication software with a webinar function. You can either install the Zoom software on your PC or Mac, or use a web browser to participate. Your computer will guide you on the steps to take when you join the meeting. If you are new to Zoom, you may wish to “join” a few minutes prior to the start, to ensure that you have enough time to install and get everything set up.

Please note that, as a face-to-face meeting, you will have the opportunity to ask questions to the panelists. You can use for this purpose the Q&A forum (moderated). Or request to speak by ‘raising your hand’ (icon at the bottom of the Zoom window). We request that while the presentations are ongoing, you formulate your questions in the Q&A forum. During the Q&A session with the panel, you can request to formulate your question orally.

About the event:

The panel with internationally renowned experts in education and global governance discusses the impact of global monitoring on national reform priorities in education. The event represents the launch of the new NORRAG Special Issue 03 (NSI 03) on the topic. The authors of NSI 03 examine how global monitoring knowledge is mobilized, produced, disseminated and used. The analyses are meant to bridge the gap between theory and practice as well as advocacy and policy in education.
Three of the authors of the NSI 03 contributions will present their articles: Blanca Heredia, Gita Steiner-Khamsi and Paul Coustère. The session will have a panel format, followed by an open discussion with the audience.

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Introduction and moderation

Émeline Brylinski, NORRAG Research Associate and Editor of NORRAG Special Issue

The impact of global reports on education policy: Are they really aiming to improve education across the world?

Dr. Marisol Vazquez, affiliated Professor at the Interdisciplinary Program on Education Policy and Practices, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE), Mexico

Beyond Educational Quality: The Battles to Come

Prof. Blanca Heredia, Director, Interdisciplinary Program on Education Policy and Practices, Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE), Mexico

Governance at a Distance by Means of Data Circulation

Prof. Gita Steiner-Khamsi, Graduate Institute & Columbia University, Director of NORRAG

The Impact of Global Reports on Education

Paul Coustère, Deputy Director, UNESCO-IIEP, France


Moira Faul, Deputy Director, PPP Research Center, Geneva School of Economics and Management, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Q&A with the audience
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