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01 Dec 2021

1 June 2021: Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies Spotlight Call w Geneva G12 on "Education Risks & Needs in Northern Ethiopia"

The Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies, which NORRAG supports, aims to enhance the visibility of critical education in emergencies issues and needs and trigger much-needed assistance for responses. The upcoming call will be the first spotlight session hosted by the Geneva Global Hub and will focus on the education risks and needs in Northern Ethiopia (Tigray) and the refugee influx into Sudan.

Save the Date for this Geneva Global Hub for EiE spotlight call with the Geneva G12 (including the largest donor countries) and the EU Delegation in Geneva about Education Risks and Needs in Northern Ethiopia (Tigray) and the related refugee influx into Sudan. The call will take place on Tuesday 1 June from 14:00 to 15:30 CET.

Speakers will include field-based colleagues in Ethiopia and Sudan who will present on the current situation, and highlight education needs and the response. Presentations will also address existing gaps, cross-sectoral collaboration and key advocacy messages.       

In case of questions about the registration or call-in details, please contact Gabriela at

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