Skills development for the marginalized and drop-outs

Skills development for the marginalized and drop-outs

TVSD and skills development have been well-established as effective ways to reduce poverty through the empowerment of individuals with economic and social opportunity. However, these opportunities for formal training and employment are often unreachable for individuals from marginalised groups or those who do not complete formal education. For TVSD to be an effective method of sustainable economic development and as a poverty reduction strategy, ways must be found to reach these marginalised groups with relevant training.

NORRAG’s work in this area focuses on knowledge production and collaboration between states and researchers in the global South around new possibilities and methods of reaching marginalised groups with skills development, including the potential of technology and ICT.

Find the most recent NORRAG content on the topic of skills development for the marginalized and drop-outs:


Rebranding TVET to Attract Youth in Ghana: The Use of Competency-Based Training and the National TVET Qualification Framework By Sebastian Deh (December 2015)

Vocational Education and Training, Human Rights, Human Development and Equality in the Occupied Palestinian Territory By Randa Hilal (November 2015)

India’s Skills Challenge: Reforming Vocational Education and Training to Harness the Demographic Dividend By Santosh Mehrotra (March 2015)

Beyond Armed Conflict and Emergency: the Role of Education and Training in Tackling Urban Violence By Jovana Carapic and Luisa Phebo (September 2014)

Training without a Soul By Claudio de Moura Castro (September 2014)

Demand and Supply of Skills in Ghana: How Can Training Programs Improve Employment? By Peter Darvas (July 2014)

MoVE: Carrying Vocational Education and Training beyond Barriers By Akshay Nagarajan (March 2014)

Training the Poor in Times of Unemployment By Claudio de Moura Castro (July 2012)

Resource Library:

PROJECT SUMMARY: Reaching the Unreached: Skills Development Policies and the Promise of ICT: A Scoping Study from India and South Africa (October 2016)

SOUTH AFRICA COUNTRY REPORT: Understanding Barriers to Accessing Skills Development and Employment for Youth in South Africa (August 2003)

Documents on the topic of skills development for the marginalized and drop-outs are available at the NORRAG Resource Library.

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