SDG 4 – Education 2030 Agenda

What has actually transpired globally, regionally and nationally since the Sustainable Development Agenda, including SDG 4, was confirmed in the UN General Assembly in 2015? Following the goal and target agreement for 2030, the question immediately became: ‘What next?’ How would these new targets be achieved? How would they be measured, and which indicators will be used? How will they be financed? Since the SDGs are aspirational global goals, a key issue becomes if, and how, they will be translated into national and international policies around the world over the coming years. NORRAG’s work in this area aims to stimulate critical and multi-perspective and multi-stakeholder discussions around SDG4 and the Education 2030 agenda and its impact on policy and practice.

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Find below the most recent NORRAG content on the topic of SDG4 and the Education 2030 Agenda:


NORRAG News 54 is now available in Arabic

Together with the support of the Al Qasimi Foundation NORRAG is pleased to share the Arabic version of NORRAG News 54 “Education, Training and Agenda 2030: What Progress One Year On?”. Articles are selected for Arabic translation based on their relevance and potential interest to policymakers in the MENA region....
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“International Education Development Challenges and Agenda 2030”: Key takeaways on Youtube

The nomination of Gita Steiner-Khamsi, Professor of Comparative and International Education at Teachers College, University of Columbia, as new Professor at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and Director of NORRAG was the occasion to organize an Inaugural Panel Discussion on “International Education Development Challenges and Agenda 2030”....
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